Quick Ship Dimension 4 Workstations

IAC Industries UL Listed Dimension 4 (D4) Workstations. D4 stations are the most versatile, adaptable, flexible and useful workstations available in the market today. These systems of workstations easily expand to meet your growing needs through IAC’s intelligent modular technology, which enables you to reconfigure your stations at any time. The basic D4 unit (Single Sided Starter Unit) can be used as a standalone configuration or combine with a D4 “adder” unit (Single Sided Adder Unit). The D4’s modular technology solves your application needs today while setting the foundation for future expansion.

All IAC products are ergonomically designed (combining ergonomics and lean manufacturing standards) to ensure maximum worker safety, improved efficiency and greater productivity.  Each D4 station is fully adjustable, providing you with the ability to customize your station with footrests, shelving, worksurface height adjustments and other components for personal comfort and efficiency.

The Dimension 4 Workstation includes two uprights and a 180° rolled front edge – available in ESD.

Smart Mobile Stations (SMS)

Efficiently move and use laptop or desktop class computers and displays, print devices, scanning equipment, testing and maintenance tools, and even components, supplies and finished products. And by leveraging your existing wireless infrastructure and integrating a wi-fi-enabled PC, SMS carts will bring a new level of mobility to your computing and communications.

  • Hard Rubber Casters with Locking Brakes
  • Ergonomic Guide Handles
  • Up to 10x 110AC Outlets
  • Cable Management Channel

Our SMS carts are specialized, function-forward hybrids of the award-winning Dimension 4 workstation, rolling cart, and storage products. They combine the sophistication and unsurpassed quality of Dimension 4 design, scaled down for a very personal and mobile interaction.