Quick Value Packaging Stations

As a simple, high-strength utility table or option-loaded packaging station, our Quick Value brand delivers quality at its most affordable.

  • Short lead times for quicker shipping
  • Wide Range of Productivity Accessories
  • 1,500 lbs. Distributed Weight Capacity
  • Endless Configurations

Packaging Stations

We proudly introduce our Packing and Shipping Tables that provide operators with durable and versatile platforms to efficiently handle the most demanding tasks. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the best products to support and improve the movement, protection, storage and control of material and product throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal environments.

Our rock-solid workbenches are engineered to endure tough environments and rigorous activities. Not only do our packaging stations accomplish these goals with strict attention to quality but does so while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look and appeal. Each bench with impact and chemical resistant laminated worksurfaces.

Below are products that outfit a wide range of applications, whether users are seated or standing. These products are height adjustable, include heavy weight load capacities, top and bottom roll hangers and multiple shelving options - all designed within the practices of ergonomics.

Packaging Accessory Stations

These units are designed for placement adjacent to existing workbenches and conveyors, or wherever additional storage in the work area is needed. Packaging Accessory Stations are ideal for organizing packaging materials including rolled paper and wraps, tools, labels, books and manuals.

  • Mobile - 4" Locking Casters
  • 250 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Rigid Steel Channel Construction
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish

PAS Series stations are free standing structures with two channeled uprights, on which a series of material handling accessories are attached with infinite vertical adjustment. Casters make the stationary PAS a versatile mobile unit that is easily re-located for continuous benefits.

Smart Mobile Stations (SMS)

Efficiently move and use laptop or desktop class computers and displays, print devices, scanning equipment, testing and maintenance tools, and even components, supplies and finished products. And by leveraging your existing wireless infrastructure and integrating a wi-fi-enabled PC, SMS carts will bring a new level of mobility to your computing and communications.

  • No-Mar Polyurathane Casters with Locking Brakes
  • Ergonomic Guide Handles
  • Up to 10x 110AC Outlets
  • Cable Management Channel

Our SMS carts are specialized, function-forward hybrids of the award-winning Dimension 4 workstation, rolling cart, and storage products. They combine the sophistication and unsurpassed quality of Dimension 4 design, scaled down for a very personal and mobile interaction.