Terms and Conditions


Orders placed directly with the factory are net 30 days. F.O.B. origin, our factory in Brea, CA, and all shipments are freight collect. Minimum order amount is $100.00 (net), and all cancelled orders are subject to a cancellation charge of up to 25% of the original order amount.

Assembly Charges

Some customers prefer to purchase their benches pre-assembled. Benches can be ordered assembled for an additional fee. Please consult the factory for rates. This must be specified when the order is placed. (Due to increased risk of damage, IAC Industries discourages shipment of assembled product outside of Southern California.)

How Your Product is Shipped

The nature of the product (wood and metal workbenches) is such that the most inexpensive way to ship your benches is K.D.F. (knocked down freight). This means they are palletized and packaged for the most economical shipment.

Damaged in Transit

For your protection, examine each shipment carefully. If there is any evidence of damage or shortage in transit, insist that the delivery carrier make appropriate notation on the freight bill before you sign. If concealed damage is discovered after receipt of shipment, immediately notify the carrier and request an inspection report to support your claim. Any claim for damage or shortage in transit must be filed with the delivery carrier. We will not accept return of merchandise damaged in transit. Your recourse is with the delivery carrier.

Special Order

Special product or sizes not shown herein may be quoted by the factory. Special orders are not subject to cancellation or return. We reserve the right to over-ship or under-ship by 5%, and invoice accordingly.

Quick Ship Shipping

"Quick Ship" five-day shipments will ship on or before the 5th working day ARO. Change orders received after 48 hours will not be accepted on five-day orders. Five-day shipment is subject to availability.

Return Merchandise

No goods are to be returned without written factory authorization (Returned Goods Authorization). A handling charge of 25% or $50.00, whichever is greater, will be made for all merchandise returned.


IAC Industries reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in color, prices, materials, equipment, specifications, and models, including the discontinuation of models. Although we have made every attempt to insure the accuracy of all information, we cannot always control printing errors and omissions. Please check with your local IAC representative, or contact the factory direct, for the most complete and up-to-date information before ordering.

IAC Industries' packaging materials do not contain ODC's.